Exhibition at 801 Salon, SLC. Future Views is a visual and auditory exploration of partial perspectives of Utah’s terrain, created by Katrina Ricks Peterson with sound design by Andrew Aguilera. This work focuses on alternative ways of seeing and knowing Utah’s landscape, with an emphasis on the situated, the localized, and the up-close.

CLIENT: Personal Project
TEAM: Sound design by Andrew Aguilera
Photography by Weston Colton

ZORA ZINE (2023)

Design for Zora Zine’s first print issue. Zora Zine Print Issue 001 is a 250-page catalog of luminaries, featuring more than 60 visionary contributors from across the epochal cycles of online culture. 

TEAM: Actual Source, Yana Sosnovskaya (Zora)


Zine design for Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Zine perfect bound, with one full fold out. Each sheet also has a  poster print on the reverse side.

CLIENT: University of Michigan
TEAM: Actual Source

JOGGY (2022)

Visual Identity and Packaging Design for JOGGY. JOGGY makes plant-based steady energy supplements with full-spectrum CBD to get you moving, help you maintain focus, and bring you a sense of calm.

TEAM: Actual Source, Ty Haney (Joggy), Tiffany Wilkinson (Joggy)
Lettering by Nejc Prah


New series for the A24 Shop featuring Emile Mosseri’s original score for the film Minari (2021). Boxset contains 16 sewn booklets, encased in a wrapped slipcase with foiled spine.

CLIENT: A24 Films
TEAM: Actual Source, Perrin Drumm (A24), Illustrations by Ping Zhu
Photography by Weston Colton

WORTH (2021)

Album design for Sculpture Club’s new LP “Worth”.
Cover features a halftone image (original photo by Chaz Costello) with an embossed title treatment. 

CLIENT: Sculpture Club
TEAM: Chaz Costello (Sculpture Club) <3


Press kit design for new film Recovery (official release title Stop and Go).

CLIENT: Sorø Films
TEAM: Actual Source, Illustrations by Soljee Lee and Korey Martin.

Photography by Weston Colton

PUZZLES 001-003 (2020)

Puzzle design and packaging for A24 Shop.

CLIENT: A24 Films
TEAM: Actual Source, Zoe Beyer (A24)
Photography by Weston Colton